About Your Energy Choice

See below for answers to common questions about switching energy providers.


Choosing a new electricity or natural gas supplier and saving on your energy bill is easy. Simply watch this video to learn how.
Competition for the best deal has been around for a long time, but not for energy for your home.
Today, that's changed. Now customers in many states can comparison shop for energy... and that's good news for you.
Many states restructured in recent years and introduced competition into the energy marketplace, so, even though your utility still delivers your energy they don't necessarily sell it to you. Now you can purchase energy from an array of competitive suppliers. And, that's where the competition bit kicks in.

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It’s Your Choice

Did you know that you can shop for energy just like you shop for a new T.V. or mobile phone?
Well now in many states, you have the opportunity to do just that. States with competitive energy markets allow customers to choose who they buy their energy from, and often how it is generated.

About Energy Choice

Energy service to your home consists of two main parts – your energy supply and your energy delivery.

Energy supply - who you buy your electricity or natural gas from. In states with competitive markets, you have the opportunity to choose the company that supplies your home with power or gas.

Energy delivery - who delivers electricity or natural gas to your home. Energy delivery is always provided by your local utility company, even if you choose a different energy supplier.

Why Choose a New Supplier

For a long time, only one company provided all aspects of energy services to our homes – our utility companies.

But in more recent years, as states across the country have developed competitive energy markets, energy suppliers are now able to compete with each other over the price of electricity and natural gas to power your home. This competition drives innovation, provides choices for customers, and helps keep energy costs as low as possible.

While energy choice is still fairly new in many parts of the U.S. Customers that are located in states offering energy choice have already experienced the benefits:

  • More competitive energy prices
  • Improved customer service
  • Technological and product innovations and options
  • Budget certainty or flexibility

How to Choose a New Supplier

Shopping for an energy supplier is like shopping for other products or services. Here are some simple suggestions to get you started:

  1. See what you’ve been spending. Pull out a recent statement from your local utility or current energy supplier, or log in to your online account. Review your bill to see how much you have been paying for electric and natural gas supply.
  2. Learn what your savings could be. In addition to providing you with the pricing plans and terms that we offer, we have estimated your savings. You can review your potential savings as you select your plan. Be sure to read through our terms and conditions.
  3. Ask the right questions. Choosing a new energy supplier might be new to you. In order to make your choice easier we have compiled a list of questions that you may have along with our responses in our FAQ section. If you have additional questions or concerns, give Customer Care a call at 1-877-997-9995 or email us at home@constellation.com.
  4. Make an informed decision. When you are ready to sign up with a new electric supplier, state regulations may vary but other than signing up for a new plan you shouldn’t have to do anything else. If you decide to choose a new plan, simply provide the new supplier with your contact and utility service information and you are done.

What Happens After Choosing a New Supplier

The company’s Terms & Conditions or Terms of Service Agreement will serve as your new service contract.

What changes?
  • You can pursue pricing options and plans that may be lower than what your utility is currently offering
  • You may also experience improved customer service when you choose a new energy supplier

What stays the same?
  • There will be no interruption in your energy service.
  • Your utility will still deliver your electricity or natural gas to you. Service components such as wires, pipelines, meters, and transformers will remain where they are. Physical modifications are not required because your energy is delivered through the same transmission and distribution system owned and operated by your utility.
  • Your local utility will continue to be responsible for delivering energy to your home and charges for those services will remain the same.
  • You will still receive one bill from your utility. Your bill will look the same and will display Constellation’s supply charges and the utility’s delivery charges. Charges for your delivery services will remain the same
  • Your utility will continue to service all equipment - such as your meter - as well as respond to any power outages.